Howard Sommerfeld

Software Developer


Motivated, eager and excited to learn new things. Passionate about cutting-edge technology. Take pride in watching hard work, time and effort pay off.


Object Oriented Design

Reuse and modularity of code fundamental to projects

Problem Solving

New ideas are excitingly challenging to develop and apply to real world problems

Project Direction

Proven ability to lead and manage a wide variety of design and development projects in team and independent situations.


  • .NET C#
  • SQL
  • Java
  • Javascript Basics
  • HTML5
  • AngularJS
  • Raven DB
  • Version Control
  • Swift



Product Owner


- Understand client business case requirements
- Translate requirements into manageable & attainable goals for the development teams
- Participated in, as well as lead, multiple design sprints for new projects
- Management of numerous small teams across multiple projects & regions in South Africa
- Operational responsibilities include account management & client facing communication
- Scrum practices & Agile methodologies adhered to across all projects
- Ensuring releases are consistently delivered on time, within budget & provide maximum value


Freelance Software Developer


- Learned a new language (Swift)
- Developed iOS applications
- Worked with remote teams & clients across multiple time zones
- Enhanced version control knowlege
- Worked on both front-end & back-end portions of applications

Trackmatic Solutions

Data Integration Manager


- Responsible for importing & marshalling data from external clients' domain, via a custom-built software agent, into acceptable internal formats
- Face-to-face meetings with system archhitects & managers at companys such as Famous Brands, Coricraft, Vector Logistics & Fruitspot
- Formalised documentation for this specific role when encountering new clients
- Main code base developed in .NET C# (new language learned)
- Other language and technology exposure : Document & Relational Databases (Raven DB & SQL), HTML5 & Basic Javascript (AngularJS), SOAP & REST webservices, Google Maps API, Minor hardware configurations (firmware), Multiple ERP Systems (SAP, Syspro, NAVISION, Pastel Evoution)


User Defined Niche Search Engine

Honours Research Report


- Chrome extension developed in Java, using Spring MVC, Tomcat, MongoDB and SVMLight
- Ascertained role as team leader
- Responsible for support vector machine (SVM) classifying webpages as relevant or not
- Outperformed Google based on certain narrowly defined search queries

Human Genome Project

Computational & Molecular Biology


- Developed with bash scripts, using Admixture and the South African National Grid
- Worked as a regular team member
- Ability to run thousands of Admixture programs in parallel and collect all results
- Role included the construction of a script which submitted numerous jobs to grid and collected their results

Protein Database Bank (PDB) Solution

Software Engineering Course


- Developed in Java, using HSQLDB
- Appointed team leader
- Ability to locally query entries from the PDB
- Developed GUI element of the project
- Fundamental software engineering principles and practises implemented throughout

Charity Database Solution

Vacation Work


- Developed in Java, using MYSQL
- Ability to change donators' details easily
- Allow for multiple (and all) users to be simultaneously emailed
- Allow for multiple (and all) users to be simultaneously SMSed, from within the program.


Database Fundamentals Course


- Website developed using HTML, PHP and SQL
- Handymen advertise categorised services
- Advertiser's ability to log in, edit advertisements & prices and manage bookings
- Prospective clients view all the available services, make online bookings and check status of pending bookings.

Gap Year

London & Europe


- Worked in London
- Travelled around Europe
- Life lessons, social interaction and cultural exposure were all building blocks towards independence

Jewellery Business Stock Manager

Matric Final


- Developed in Java and SQL
- Addition & removal of new and existing stock
- Fore-warning of low or insufficient stock levels
- One or more users able to access the program using usernames and passwords


King David High School, Linksfield

Matriculated 2008

University Of The Witwatersrand - Johannesburg, South Africa

Computer Science Major, Mathematics Minor — BSc Undergraduate, 2010-2012

Computer Science — BSc Honours With Distinction, 2013

Basic Information

Birth date

04 September 1990


Northern Suburbs, Johannesburg, South Africa

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